Push-ups technique and options with dumbbells

push-ups technique and options with dumbbells

Dumbbell curls are a challenging exercise that can be functional because they can be combined with barbell rows and performed in motion. Athletes in martial arts and team sports actively use barbell push-ups.

Advantages and disadvantages of push-ups

advantages and disadvantages of push-ups

Advantages of exercise

  • Very effective exercise for the development of most muscles in the body.
  • Real when losing weight or increasing strength endurance.
  • It carries a functional load.
  • It can be used as a “plateau” of advancement in physical terms.
  • Stretch the chest well due to the large range of motion.
  • Actively activates the core muscles.

The disadvantage is the high risk of injury, in which the athlete, through negligence or loss of balance, falls, injuring the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder girdle.

What muscles are worked?

This variation of pushups carries a load on:

  • Chest muscles.
  • To bark.
  • Back.
  • Tricep
  • Anterior bundles of deltoid muscles.

Execution technique

  1. Starting position in an elongated accent – the dumbbells are located wider than the shoulders. The dumbbell handles are at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the body.
  2. The downward movement is done on inspiration. Task: go down as low as possible to properly stretch the pectoral muscles. At the lowest point of the amplitude, you need to endure a short pause, after which, stretching your arms at the elbow joints, while exhaling, return to the starting position.
  3. For better stabilization, the legs can be spread apart.

Exercise options

  • The exercise can be performed at an angle, as well as at a negative angle, when the legs are on a hill.
  • Push-ups can be performed in motion as well as with barbell rows. It is important to combine moving and pulling push-ups in one exercise.
  • Push-up variations can be done with dumbbells. The ideal option would be to use a fitness band.
  • You can also experiment with the placement of your hands, but in this case you need to take into account the high load on the ligaments and have a fairly strong grip.
exercise options

There are also such types of push-ups with dumbbells, such as:

  • Push-ups on a dumbbell with an emphasis on weight plates.
  • Dumbbell push-ups placed vertically (this allows you to go as low as possible and stretch your pectoral muscles).

Recommendations for push-ups

Dumbbell push-ups are best introduced after performing classic push-ups from the floor. This exercise can be presented as an additional exercise to be performed at the end of the complex or as the second in a series of push-ups. By the way, if in other types of push-ups you need to minimize the pause at the bottom of the movement, then in this exercise you can keep a small pause at the bottom of the range. For push-ups with dumbbells, a scheme consisting of five sets and 10-15 repetitions is relevant.

recommendations for push-ups

This type of push-up is an amazing way to train in combination with the pull-up and when performed in motion.